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NERUDA – tool for simulation of waste flows at regional and/or international level


What is NERUDA?

NERUDA is a unique computational tool based on a simple principle implemented in a complex problem:

NERUDA – one tool – many ways of results presentation according to a customer‘s demand

The following subjects may contribute from its application:

NERUDA – typical applications

In 2013, NERUDA was applied to analyze the future demand for new WtE facilities in the Czech Republic. Forbidden landfilling was considered. The potential of heat delivery within existing district heating systems was adressed

Assesment of economic sustainability of projects in a specific locality. Risks such as change in production and quality of residual waste, which cannot be recycled, energy prices, legislation development and competitors strategies were evaluated.

Optimization of collection of waste commodities, finding a location for transfer stations and their capacities. Proposal of suitable technology for waste transport from producer to processor (road – railway – intermodal system). Daily Transport planning.

Application of NERUDA tool for a region including more than one country. Impact modelling of different development of key parameters in individual EU countries (production, capacities, environmental taxes) for effective utilization and planning of Waste-to-Energy capacities.

NERUDA – Find more information about its scientific background!

ŠOMPLÁK, R.; PAVLAS, M.; KROPÁČ, J.; PUTNA, O.; PROCHÁZKA, V. Logistic model-based tool for policy-making towards sustainable waste management. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 16 (2014), pp. 1275 – 1286

FERDAN, T. ŠOMPLÁK R, ZAVÍRALOVÁ L, PAVLAS M., FRÝBA L. A waste-to-energy project: A complex approach towards the assessment of investment risks, Applied Thermal Engineering, 89 (2015)), pp. 1127–1136

NERUDA – Are you interested? Contact us.

Dr. Martin PAVLAS
Coordinator of Energy&Simulation research group
e-mail: martin.pavlas@vutbr.cz
ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000–0002–2300–953X

Justine = tool applied for forecasting in waste management


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